Headshots Staffordshire

Image is important and if you’re looking to make a good impression then a professional headshot is the best place to start. Whether you need a corporate headshot for  business profile picture for the company website or linkedin, or you’re an actor looking who needs a headshot for your portfolio, or even you need a photograph for an online dating profile a professional headshot is the best way to present yourself.

Corporate Headshots

In business its vital to make the right impress from the start. I offer a range of services for businesses in Stafford and the surrounding areas. A professional headshot at my photography studio in Stafford starts at just £75 or if you have a larger group of colleagues it may be more suitable for me to visit your place of work and set up my portable studio there.

A corporate headshot doesn’t always have to be against a plain background, perhaps you would like to show some context of where you work and have the shoot on location at work.

If you’re looking for a certain type of headshot to really  suit your business branding we can get together to discuss the style and nature of the photographs before we start shooting.

Online Dating profile picture

In recent years online dating has become extremely popular and this means there is a lot of competition to make your profile stand out above the next persons. Along with a well written profile a professional headshot will really make you stand above the others. We can do the shoot in a studio for a sharp professional look, or for a more relaxed feel we could go and somewhere on location for a more natural impression.

Actors Headshots

For an actor your headshot is one of the most important parts of your CV. when applying for a casting it will be the first thing the agent look at, you want it to represent you perfectly. Ahead of your headshot we can discuss the image you want to portray and between us decide upon style and location to ensure your headshot stands out above the others to get you noticed.

Headshots stafford

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